KOCHÉ x Google ATAP Ambient Experiment
What is the future of clothes?
Can technology be elegant?
Do hoodies dream of beautiful sunrises?
Christelle Kocher and Google ATAP conducted a joint research project combining science and creativity to develop a collection of four hybrid pieces that combine artisanship, couture, technology, and modern design.
About the technology
Miniature Soli radars added an interactive dimension to the SS23 défilé, enabling interaction between the garments, the models, the show space, and the audience. Each influenced the others simply with its presence or movement, redefining the possible interactions between people, clothes, and machines.
The garment created a double cycle interface between itself and its environment: it transformed, and was transformed by, its environment.
Advanced Technology & Projects is Google's laboratory for ambient computing. By shaping technologies that understand the world spatially, physiologically and through physical manipulation, Google ATAP is redefining the interactions between humans and machines and envisioning a future in which computing extends the world rather than disrupting it.

Christelle Kocher was invited to bring a different mindset and approach to the tools and know-how Google ATAP provides, allowing her to research, dream, explore and imagine future forms of Human and Machine interactions.

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