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koché fall winter 2022 collection

The Parisian fashion brand, KOCHÉ, has always strived for better representation within the fashion world: spreading beauty, craftmanship and inclusiveness for all genders. In maintaining the same momentum, the brand presents its elevated Fall/Winter 2022 collection at Le Westin Paris. Christelle, the Creative Director and Founder of KOCHÉ, wanted to highlight the brand’s richness through distinct color schemes, supreme trench coats, and handmade bomber jackets with peculiar floral designs. KOCHÉ believes that fashion should be linked to reality, and she ultimately keeps that idealism alive through her pieces. With transforming a simple jersey dress into the perfect balance between style and ease, KOCHÉ masters the Couture techniques gracefully.

KOCHÉ is a French brand that specializes in luxury and high-end fashion. It was founded by Christelle Kocher in 2015. The brand has been a pioneer of the luxury market by making its clothes with an elevated design and quality.

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection is the most recent collection from KOCHÉ and it was presented at Le Westin Paris. The collection was inspired by the idea of "nature, architecture, and couture". It is made of floral designs with hand-sewn details that are made to be elegant but also comfortable.